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Face Mashup 2

This demo app will combine any number of faces into one single image. Theoretically there's no limitation to the number of faces it can process, other than the server's processing power. Please follow the steps below to test it out :).


  1. Fill out your name in the specified field. | Tulis nama Anda di kolom tersedia.
  2. Click the Choose File button and pick your images (1 minimum, up to 3 images, at least one image, each must contain at least one front-facing face). | Klik tombol Choose File dan pilih gambar-gambar Anda (minimal 1 gambar, maksimal 3 gambar, masing-masing minimal memiliki satu wajah yang menghadap ke depan).
  3. Click the Submit button and wait (please be patient, the processing might take a while :) ). | Klik tombol Submit dan tunggu proses (harap bersabar, proses mungkin memakan waktu :) )
  4. After the processing is done, your face mashup image will be shown, right click to save it to your computer. | Setelah proses selesai dilakukan, gambar face mashup anda akan tampil, klik-kanan untuk save ke komputer Anda.

NOTE: The image files must have at least one frontal facing faces inside each one. The higher the resolution the better. If a picture have more than one face, all of the faces will be processed.
CATATAN: File-file gambar harus memiliki minimal 1 wajah yang menghadap ke depan dalam masing-masing gambar. Makin tinggi resolusi, makin baik. Apabila ada gambar yang memiliki lebih dari satu wajah, semua wajah akan diproses.
Example: this image:
will be processed into this image ->

If you encounter error, refresh this page, and try smaller image, with fewer faces.

PRIVACY POLICY: We only need your name to identify your file, we won't use it anywhere else nor for any other use.